When your Glenside, PA heat pump has problems, it’s tempting to try and solve them on your own. The allure is the possibility of solving your problem faster and in a less costly manner than hiring a professional. However, consider these four reasons why you should avoid the temptation of DIY heat pump repair.

1. Voided Warranty

Most heat pump manufacturers offer a warranty on their system in case of a premature component failure. However, one of the terms of that warranty is usually that a licensed professional must perform any service required. Attempting to do your own repairs may void your warranty, costing you a hefty amount if you have a significant failure.

2. Risks of Injury

Heat pumps use a substantial amount of electricity to run. If you aren’t trained on the proper procedure to perform a repair, you risk serious shock or electrocution. That little money you want to save on your repairs could cost your life.

3. Increased Repair Costs

Repairing a heat pump is not as simple as turning a screw or using a wrench. If you don’t approach a repair correctly, you may end up damaging additional parts. You may also find your repairs didn’t solve the issue, leading you to require professional assistance anyway.

4. Improper Equipment

Properly repairing your heat pump requires special tools that most people don’t have. In some cases, it requires capturing and refilling the refrigerant in the system. Attempting to complete a repair without the right tools not only makes the job more difficult, but it also risks further damage. Failing to refill the system properly risks ruining it and leading to a heat pump replacement.

Make sure you aren’t surprised with extra costs by trying to do your own heat pump repairs. Call to schedule your heat pump repair appointment with our NATE-certified technicians at AirMaster Heating & Cooling Specialists today.