Your home’s heating is important to AirMaster, and replacing your furnace is a decision that will impact your life for decades to come. Here are a few things you should discuss with your heater installation company in Philadelphia when looking for estimates on your new furnace installation.

Calculating Your Heating Load

It’s important that your home has the right size furnace. Too small will leave you with uncomfortable temperatures on colder nights, while too large will cost you more than necessary to install and operate. 

Professional installers carefully calculate your home’s heating load based on square footage, foundation type, insulation, and other factors to ensure that you get the perfect match.

Ensuring Proper Ductwork

Most homeowners choosing a furnace for their home’s heating will already have existing ductwork. In many cases, that ductwork is perfectly fine, but this isn’t something that you can just assume. 

Instead, your furnace installation should include a careful inspection of existing ductwork. Any leaks or other damage can minimize the benefits of your new furnace and lead to higher heating bills for years to come.

Modern Thermostat Options

When replacing your furnace, you should also consider your thermostat options. If you still have the same thermostat that was installed with your outdated furnace, then you may not have the best option available. Today, modern smart thermostats provide greater control over your home’s heating, more consistent temperatures, and energy savings that lower your heating bill.

Taking the Right Approach to Long-Term Maintenance

To make the most of your new furnace, you should take the right approach to maintenance from the start. Don’t assume that your furnace won’t require any maintenance because it’s brand-new. Instead, start up a regular maintenance plan from the beginning so that you can enjoy worry-free heating in your home for years to come.

Choosing the Right Heater Installation Company in Philadelphia

The most important factor in getting the heating solution that’s best for your home is finding the right heater installation company in Philadelphia. At AirMaster, your installation is carefully planned and carried out by true professionals to ensure safety, comfort, efficiency, and savings. Get started on your free estimate today.