It feels terrible when your heater is on the fritz, but how can we recognize signs of heating issues in Philly homes that require the help of a professional? Here are a few examples of issues to indicate it’s time to call for assistance.

Temperature Fluctuations

The purpose of your heater is to keep your home warm. If it can’t do that, there’s undoubtedly something amiss. Furnaces that produce inadequate or inconsistent heat might have leaking ductwork. Leaks allow the air to escape before adequately heating your home.

Pockets of cool or warm air might also be a telltale sign there’s an issue with your ductwork. Either way, paying for ineffective heat is frustrating and uncomfortable, so call a professional to diagnose any issues.

Abnormal Smells

You might notice a fuel-like smell if it’s your first time turning on your heater this year. But if the smell doesn’t go away or a new one appears, that’s one of the significant signs of heating issues in Philly homes that requires checking.

Smells can stem from many issues that can vary in severity. From something as small as singed dust inside your unit to a gas leak, a wide range of problems can cause this issue. Don’t hesitate to call the licensed and trained technicians at AirMaster Heating and Cooling Specialists to get it fixed.

High Energy Bills

When winter temperatures plummet, you’ll inevitably see some shifts in your energy costs. If you notice outrageously high prices, it’s likely because there’s a broken or run-down mechanism within your heating system that needs attention.

Heating maintenance and repairs can increase your system’s efficiency and lower utility costs, Fixing this can not only make your heating bills go down but also make your system more efficient, meaning a more comfortable home at a lower price.

Even if this is a minor fix, calling AirMaster to dispatch a technician to your home to diagnose the issues for maintenance to get an idea of why it’s happening is worth the amount you will save from running a broken or inefficient system.

Fixing the Signs of Heater Issues in Philly Homes for Over 50 Years

Be aware of temperature fluctuations, abnormal smells, and average energy costs, and call AirMaster Heating and Cooling Specialists with any issues to keep your system running smoothly. We take pride in keeping your Philadelphia home safe and comfortable. Keeping your Philadelphia home warm every winter isn’t something your HVAC company should take lightly.

At Airmaster, we care about your comfort and happiness. If you need repairs or HVAC service, our experts are standing by to help! Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.