Did you know that HVAC-related utility costs take up a sizable portion of the average person’s budget? It’s not too early to get your fall HVAC tune-up in Glenside, PA, and doing so can lower your bills. Read on and discover five reasons you should consider getting a fall tune-up sooner rather than later.

You Can Save Money

Clogged air filters and broken parts can eat at your savings. Routine maintenance can prevent many of these problems and save money on repairs. A system free of dirt and debris also runs more efficiently, saving money all season.

Repairs Will Be Easier

It’s easier to repair an issue while it’s still small. A clogged air filter can lead to more costly repairs down the road, for example. Plus, it’s always easier to have a repair done in the warmer months, rather than in the middle of a winter storm.

You’ll Beat the Seasonal Rush

Having a fall HVAC tune-up in the late summer ensures there’s plenty of techs around to get the job done quickly. Waiting until peak season for maintenance or furnace repair might mean long waits or a premium service charge.

You Can Improve Air Quality

Having a tune-up done will clean your ductwork of dirt and other harmful pathogens that can cause health problems. It can also catch a slow leak of carbon monoxide which could put you and your family at risk. Having a clean heating system is the best way to stay comfortable in your home.

You Can Lengthen the Life of Your HVAC System

Regular maintenance means issues will be caught early, prolonging the life of your system. Your technician can also suggest ways to make your HVAC system more long-lasting and efficient, like installing a programmable thermostat.

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