Changing your furnace’s filter can be a nuisance. When it comes time to purchase a new filter and replace your current one, it can be tempting to simply take out the used filter and try running your furnace without any filter instead. 

However, a top furnace maintenance tip in Philadelphia, PA, that is crucial to follow is that you never want to run your furnace without a filter. Here are some of the most important reasons why.

Disastrous Dust

One of the main functions of your filter is to keep dust and other particles from attaching themselves to the inside of your furnace. If there’s nothing to keep them from doing so, they’ll collect on some of the most crucial pieces of your system and could even cause it to malfunction.

Cleaning or repairing these components could be extremely expensive — and much more costly than buying a new filter.

Questionable Air Quality

Any dust that doesn’t make a home inside your furnace will continue circulating your home. For some people, a small amount of dust won’t pose much of an issue.

However, consistently running your furnace without a filter could eventually be uncomfortable for everyone, especially if anyone in your home has allergies or other respiratory symptoms.

Dirtier Ductwork

Another top furnace maintenance tip in Philadelphia, PA, is to keep your ductwork as clean as possible. This can be a challenge, though, when dirt, dander, and other particles regularly flow freely through them. 

Everything from dust accumulation to mold growth can happen in your ducts if you aren’t careful with keeping up with your filtration.

The Top Furnace Maintenance Tip in Philadelphia, PA: Turn to the Pros

From preventing system malfunctions to protecting your family’s air quality, there are many reasons why you never want to run your furnace without a filter.

For more helpful tips like these, or if you need to schedule service for your furnace, turn to the knowledgeable team at AirMaster Heating & Cooling Specialists. We’ve proudly provided top-quality service for Philadelphia homes since 2016. Contact us today for a free estimate.