The life expectancy of your average heat pump in Glenside, PA, will vary depending on who’s using it. If the homeowner never has maintenance performed unless it breaks down, then the heat pump may not last beyond a decade. Below, we give a few steps that should help any homeowner extend the life of their heat pump past the 10- or 15-year mark.

Ensure Good Airflow

When heat pumps meet with obstructions to airflow, this puts stress on the motor, which must work harder to circulate air. Overheating may result. Replacing a motor can be expensive, too. You can do your part to ensure good airflow by first making it a habit to replace the air filter on a quarterly basis. If you own pets, or if someone in your home smokes, then checking the filter monthly and replacing as needed if the proper thing to do. Also, move any boxes or furniture that are blocking the air registers.

Clean the Compressor

The outdoor unit, called the compressor, will build up dirt and debris very quickly on its coils, which will hinder its ability to release the gathered heat into the outside air. Keeping the compressor coils clean, then, will ultimately increase efficiency and prevent the whole heat pump from breaking down prematurely. A technician will gently hose down the grill, then clean the condenser coil with a soft cloth and the coil fins with a fin comb.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Beyond changing the filters and keeping the vents clear, homeowners may not have the skills to really take care of their heat pump. For this reason, companies offer HVAC maintenance. Our company can provide one-time tune-ups as well as tune-ups on an annual plan; these can help you prepare for both the cooling and heating season.

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